The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice

JACI: In Practice covers the spectrum of conditions treated by allergist-immunologists in their practices. The emphasis of the journal is on information that is practical for clinicians-material that can be used in everyday practice or will help in acquiring new knowledge or skills that can be directly applied to patients. A major goal of JACI: In Practice is to provide our readers with a high level of evidence to support their clinical decisions in diagnosis and management.

All JACI: In Practice content is peer-reviewed. The journal welcomes original research articles that fit into the above scope. For each original article, a highlight box indicates what is already known about this subject, what this study adds, and how the new information impacts current management guidelines. Shorter original research and instructive case reports are presented as Clinical Communications. "Images in Allergy" submissions that consist of clinical pictures (e.g., X-rays, CT scans, biopsies, allergens, endoscopic visualizations of the airway, eruptions, etc.) and impart important clinical information are also included. In addition, JACI: In Practice features various types of review articles that will primarily be invited by the editors. Many of these will offer CME. The original and review articles are supplemented by Editorials, AAAAI Practice Papers, and a regular Ask the Expert column.