An international journal of midlife health and beyond
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Official Journal of the Menopause and Andropause Society (EMAS). Affiliated with the Menopause Society (AMS).

Maturitas is an international multidisciplinary peer reviewed scientific journal of midlife health and beyond publishing original research, reviews, consensus statements and guidelines, and mini-reviews. The journal provides a forum for all aspects of postreproductive health in both genders ranging from basic science to health and social care.

Topic areas include: • Aging • Alternative and Complementary medicines • Arthritis and Bone Health • Cancer • Cardiovascular Health • Cognitive and Physical Functioning • Epidemiology, health and social care • Gynecology/ Reproductive Endocrinology • Nutrition/ Obesity Diabetes/ Metabolic Syndrome • Menopause, Ovarian Aging • Mental Health • Pharmacology • Sexuality • Quality of Life

Maturitas provides a lively and high visibility platform to encourage new insights and exchange of important new developments between researchers, clinicians and care providers in the field of midlife health to promote a personalized approach to healthy aging.

We offer Fast Track publication for clinical trials and research articles which present ground-breaking results that justify rapid dissemination. Articles accepted through this route can expect a final editorial decision in under 7 weeks. Accepted articles are published online (as Articles-in-Press) in less than 5 weeks.

Articles submitted for this route will be checked by the Editor-in-Chief to determine if the criterion for fast publication has been met; if not, articles will be redirected to the normal route of category article.

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Each month more than 40,000 full-text articles are downloaded from ScienceDirect (average over 2015).