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Forensic Science International: Genetics

An international journal dedicated to the application of genetics in the administration of justice.
Forensic Science International: Genetics is the premier journal in the field of Forensic Genetics. This branch of Forensic Science can be defined as the application of genetics to human and non-human material (in the sense of a science with the purpose of studying inherited characteristics for the analysis of inter- and intra-specific variations in populations) for the resolution of legal conflicts.

The scope of the journal includes:

  • Forensic applications of human polymorphism.
  • Testing of paternity and other family relationships, immigration cases, typing of biological stains and tissues from criminal casework, identification of human remains by DNA testing methodologies.
  • Description of human polymorphisms of forensic interest, with special interest in DNA polymorphisms.
  • Autosomal DNA polymorphisms, mini- and microsatellites (or short tandem repeats, STRs), single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), X and Y chromosome polymorphisms, mtDNA polymorphisms, and any other type of DNA variation with potential forensic applications.
  • Non-human DNA polymorphisms for crime scene investigation.
  • Population genetics of human polymorphisms of forensic interest.
  • Population data, especially from DNA polymorphisms of interest for the solution of forensic problems.
  • DNA typing methodologies and strategies.
  • Biostatistical methods in forensic genetics.
  • Evaluation of DNA evidence in forensic problems (such as paternity or immigration cases, criminal casework, identification), classical and new statistical approaches.
  • Standards in forensic genetics.
  • Recommendations of regulatory bodies concerning methods, markers, interpretation or strategies or proposals for procedural or technical standards.
  • Quality control.
  • Quality control and quality assurance strategies, proficiency testing for DNA typing methodologies.
  • Criminal DNA databases.
  • Technical, legal and statistical issues.
  • General ethical and legal issues related to forensic genetics

The Forensic Science International portfolio offers essential and pioneering coverage within the forensic sciences and beyond, disseminating ground-breaking discoveries and highly specialised research across Science International, Science International: Genetics, and Science International: Synergy, as well as the sound science journal, Science International: Reports, and the forensic genetics proceedings journal, Science International Genetics: Supplement Series.