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Musculoskeletal Science and Practice

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Musculoskeletal Science & Practice, international journal of musculoskeletal physiotherapy, is a peer-reviewed international journal (previously Manual Therapy), publishing high quality original research, review and Masterclass articles that contribute to improving the clinical understanding of appropriate care processes for musculoskeletal disorders. The journal publishes articles that influence or add to the body of evidence on diagnostic and therapeutic processes, patient centered care, guidelines for musculoskeletal therapeutics and theoretical models that support developments in assessment, diagnosis, clinical reasoning and interventions.

Papers published in Musculoskeletal Science & Practice are of international relevance and have an over-arching applied clinical focus or serve to inform clinical approaches.

The journal publishes papers that show depth, rigour, originality and high quality presentation which inform the evidence base relating to mechanisms of function/dysfunction; treatment methods; best clinical practice; clinical reasoning and decision making processes; assessment and clinical management of musculoskeletal disorders; exploration of relevant clinical interventions; multi modal approaches; psychosocial issues; and service user expectations, experiences and perspectives.

Quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research articles are welcomed as well as systematic and high quality narrative reviews. Other regular features include Masterclasses and Technical and Measurement reports.

The journal employs a double blind peer review process for all original articles.

All articles published in Musculoskeletal Science & Practice will be immediately assigned to an issue upon acceptance, without having to wait in press. This will mean immediate publication for all authors, upon completion of post-acceptance publishing processes.