Journal of Clinical Lipidology

Official Journal of the Lipid Association
The Journal of Clinical Lipidology is published to support the diverse array of medical professionals who work to reduce the incidence of morbidity and mortality from dyslipidemia and associated disorders of lipid metabolism. The Journal's readership encompasses a broad cross-section of the medical community, including cardiologists, endocrinologists, and primary care physicians, as well as those involved in the treatment of such disorders as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. The Journal also addresses allied health professionals who treat the patient base described above, such as pharmacists, nurse practitioners and dietitians.

Because the scope of clinical lipidology is broad, the topics addressed by the Journal are equally diverse. Typical articles explore lipidology as it is practiced in the treatment setting, recent developments in pharmacological research, reports of treatment and trials, case studies, the impact of lifestyle modification, and similar academic material of interest to the practitioner. While preference is given to material of immediate practical concern, the science that underpins lipidology is forwarded by expert contributors so that evidence-based approaches to reducing cardiovascular and coronary heart disease can be made immediately available to our readers. Sections of the Journal will address pioneering studies and the clinicians who conduct them, case studies, ethical standards and conduct, professional guidance such as ATP and NCEP, editorial commentary, letters from readers, Lipid Association (NLA) news and upcoming event information, as well as abstracts from the NLA annual scientific sessions and the scientific forums held by its chapters, when appropriate.

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