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This month we are celebrating YOU - the heart of future healthcare. Your role is constantly evolving and moving toward helping shape more inclusive, connected care for every community and every patient. Elsevier Health recognizes you and your vital role!

We’ve curated a list of resources to help you live your best life while putting patient care at the forefront of everything you do in and out of the workplace. From self-care and well-being to shaping how health systems engage with the community, we have the resources to guide you.

Self-care & Well-being

Ever heard the phrase “You can’t pour from an empty cup”? This phrase couldn’t be more accurate for you and your nursing colleagues across the globe. You are constantly putting the health and well-being of all your patients first. Make sure to take the time to prioritize yourself as well. Below are resources on how to mitigate burnout for yourself and your staff.

  1. 10% OFF Health and Wellbeing at Work for Nurses and Midwives Book
    Health and Wellbeing at Work for Nurses and Midwives

    Edited by Holly Blake

    Nov 2022

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  2. 10% OFF So You’ve Registered, What Now? Book
    So You’ve Registered, What Now?

    Joleen McKee

    Jan 2023

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  3. 10% OFF Handbook for Registered Nurses Book
    Handbook for Registered Nurses

    Edited by Major Chris Carter and Joy Notter

    Jul 2023

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  4. 10% OFF How to be a Successful Nursing Student Book
    How to be a Successful Nursing Student

    Edited by Natalie Elliott and Teresa Chinn

    Nov 2023

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Professional Development

Your role is constantly evolving. Your interactions guide fundamental change in the field. Better understand how to facilitate change and make your mark in the profession and the world. A curated list of newly released development resources specifically for nurses is below.

  1. 10% OFF Leading and Managing in Nursing Book
    Leading and Managing in Nursing

    Patricia S. Yoder-Wise

    Oct 2022

    Special Price US$86.39 US$95.99
  2. 10% OFF How to Make It As A Student Nurse Book
    How to Make It As A Student Nurse

    Claire Carmichael and Anne Marie Dodson

    Jun 2023

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  3. 10% OFF Staff Development Nursing Secrets Book
    Staff Development Nursing Secrets

    Kristen L. O'Shea

    Aug 2002

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  4. 10% OFF Be a Leader in Nursing Book
    Be a Leader in Nursing

    Heather Henry

    May 2022

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  5. 10% OFF Leading and Managing in Contemporary Health and Social Care Book
    Leading and Managing in Contemporary Health and Social Care

    Edited by Elizabeth Anne Rosser

    Feb 2022

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  6. 10% OFF Patient & Person Book
    Patient & Person

    Jane Stein-Parbury

    Aug 2021

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  7. 10% OFF Communication in Midwifery Book
    Communication in Midwifery

    Edited by Tania Staras

    Jul 2023

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  8. 10% OFF Health Informatics Book
    Health Informatics

    Lynda R. Hardy

    Mar 2023

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Community Engagement

Community engagement in nursing is vital to ensure better health outcomes, promote preventive care and reduce hospital visits - all of which assist in reducing costs and overwhelming health systems. Below are a few resources to better understand community engagement in nursing.

  1. 10% OFF Community/Public Health Nursing Book
    Community/Public Health Nursing

    Mary A. Nies

    Jan 2023

    Special Price US$118.79 US$131.99
  2. 10% OFF Preparing Nurses for Disaster Management Book
    Preparing Nurses for Disaster Management

    Joanne Langan

    Aug 2022

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  3. 10% OFF Foundations for Health Promotion Book
    Foundations for Health Promotion

    Jane Wills

    Apr 2022

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  4. 10% OFF Health Visiting Book
    Health Visiting

    Edited by Patricia Burrows

    Mar 2022

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Newly Registered?

We asked Joleen McKee, author of "So you've registered, what now?", to share some key pieces of advice for newly registered nurses.
Her thoughts are below.

  • Ask questions 
    There is no such thing as a stupid question, and you can be certain someone has asked the same question many times before.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
    If you are struggling, whether that be in understanding something, feeling overwhelmed with your caseload or just feel like you can’t do it- always tell someone and ask for help. Be your own advocate and speak up.  
  • Never work outside your skill level or competencies
    This is where mistakes happen. If you are ever asked to do something you aren’t familiar with or don’t have the skills/knowledge for, then stand up for yourself and your patient and say no, but could you show me so I can learn?
  • Remember learning doesn’t end when you become a nurse
    Keep learning in and outside of work, give yourself homework at the start to learn more about your chosen area of work.
  • The standard you walk past is the standard you accept
    Never accept bad care, never stay quiet, always speak up. It is your duty as a nurse to protect the public, but also remember about protecting your colleagues if they are in crisis too.  
  • Be a team player 
    Don’t get so focused on your own area that you fail to recognise when your colleagues are in difficulty. Always offer help and assistance if you can, you might need them to help you one day. 
  • Enjoy this time
    Take time to enjoy starting your new job and your new career. Enjoy being new and looking at things with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself that you crumble under the weight of it.
  • Don’t ever forget how it felt to be a student or a newly registered nurse
    It’s really tough- remember this years from now when you are frustrated with your student or newly registered nurse asking you the same question multiple times.