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International Journal of Epilepsy

International Journal of Epilepsy (IJEP) is an international peer-reviewed journal on epilepsy and has been launched with the aim to disseminate knowledge concerning epilepsy globally, provide the latest updates on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of people with epilepsy, promote and encourage research on epilepsy, reflect the social and psychological burden and impact of epilepsy on people and society at large.

IJEP publishes outstanding basic science and clinical papers on all aspects of epilepsy. It is directed at neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychiatrists, neuroradiologists, and pediatric epitologists involved in the research and treatment of a broad range of neurological disorders. The journal accepts original and review articles, case reports, journal scans and latest updates in the field of clinical neurology, neurosurgery, neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, neuroimaging, epilepsy therapeutics, and historical aspect of epilepsy in Ayurveda, unani, and homeopathy.