Cytotherapy is the Official Journal of the http://www.celltherapysociety.orgISCT International Society for Cell and Gene Therapy

The journal brings readers the latest developments in the fast-moving field of cellular and gene therapy in man. This includes cell and gene therapy for cancer, immune disorders, inherited diseases, tissue repair and regenerative medicine. The journal covers the science, translational development and treatment with a variety of cell types including hematopoietic stem cells, immune cells (dendritic cells, NK cells, T cells, antigen-presenting cells) mesenchymal stromal cells, adipose cells, nerve, muscle, vascular and endothelial cells, and induced pluripotential stem cells. We also welcome manuscripts on gene therapy as it relates to cell therapy (eg CAR-T cells) and subcellular derivatives such as exosomes. A specific focus is on translational research that brings cell therapy to the clinic. . Cytotherapy publishes original papers, reviews, position papers editorials, commentaries and letters to the editor. We welcome "Protocols in Cytotherapy" bringing standard operating procedure for clinical grade production specific cell types for clinical use within the reach of the readership.

In line with the goals and expertise of the ISCT, Cytotherapy is restricted to development of cell and gene therapy in humans.

The journal's scope covers:

  • Biological science of cells, gene modified cells, and subcellular particles for therapeutic application in humans
  • Relevant translational models to assess cell potency and efficacy
  • Technical aspects of cell processing and transplantation
  • Clinical cell therapy trials
  • Regulatory and ethical aspects
  • Cytotherapy does not cover:

  • Veterinary cell therapy
  • Biomaterials and scaffolds
  • Cytokines and drugs unless pertaining to generating or modifying cells used in therapy
  • Cell biology unrelated to cellular therapy