Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health

Official Journal of the Clinical Epidemiology Network
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Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health (CEGH) is the official journal of the Indian Clinical Epidemiology Network (IndiaClen). This is a multidisciplinary e-journal published thrice a year. The mandate of the journal is to promote clinical epidemiology and global health internationally and particularly in India and Asian countries. This will be done by providing through the Journal a platform for publishing high quality research works, building capacity for cutting edge research by continuing education, improving practices and policy by evidence updates and engaging with and mentoring the future generation by students' section.

IndiaClen is dedicated to improving the health of the people by promoting clinical practice based on the best evidence of effectiveness and the efficient use of resources. Our goal is to strengthen national health care systems and improve health practices by providing professionals in the field with the tools to analyze the efficacy, efficiency, and equity of interventions and preventive measures. All articles published in our journal are peer reviewed to the highest standard, published online for immediate access.

Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health publishes original research work across all disciplines of medicine and allied sciences, related to clinical epidemiology and global health. Continuing education, evidence updates, students' pre-specified contributions, journal clubs, health-related information of interest to our readers and letters to editors are published.