Annals of Anatomy

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Annals of Anatomy publish peer reviewed original articles as well as brief review articles. The journal is open to original papers covering a link between anatomy and areas such as

•molecular biology,
•cell biology
•reproductive biology
•developmental biology, neurobiology
as well as
•clinical anatomy
•comparative anatomy
•modern imaging techniques
and especially also

Moreover, manuscripts dealing with all forms of anatomical teaching and new forms of curricula will be considered for publication. Priority will be given to experimental studies; merely descriptive studies will only be published if the Editors consider that they are of functional significance.

For more than a century the Annals of Anatomy have been one of the most famous and widespread journals on morphology. The journal is the official journal of the Anatomische Gesellschaft (Anatomical Society).

Transparent peer review process at Annals of Anatomy.
The comments provided by the reviewers very often considerably help to improve and strengthen a paper. However, currently only rarely public credit is given to this important contribution of the reviewers. In addition, the authors' response letter accompanying a revised version often contains important information which may be regarded as an added value to the final version of the manuscript. Therefore, the AANAT Editors decided that the non-confidential comments of the reviewers and the non-confidential authors' responses will be published as online supplementary material together with the final version of an eventually accepted article. Of course the reviewers' anonymity will be strictly preserved.